SI-LAC is a silage inoculant manufactured by Bacterial Fermentation Pty Ltd and sold by Grevillia Ag Pty Ltd.

SI-LAC comes in two different formulations:

SI-LAC is manufactured by Bacterial Fermentation Pty Ltd
and distributed by Grevillia Ag Pty Ltd

Silage inoculants are products sprayed onto crops before silaging, that enable or enhance the natural silaging process. The most effective silage inoculants contain of mixtures of lactic acid bacteria to enhance both the early and later stages of silaging, enabling the most rapid and complete silaging, and thus minimising loss of nutrients.

SI-LAC silage inoculant from Bacterial Fermentation Pty Ltd is a scientifically designed mixture of bacteria and nutrients that, when sprayed on crops being harvested for silage production, enhance the silaging process. In independent tests, SI-LAC has demonstrated excellent lifetime in the field, providing high effective doses of bacteria and reducing the costs of silage-makers.

The silaging process - click for a larger view

Research indicates that a well-designed silage inoculant provides both more reliable silage (less chance of failure) and more rapid silaging, resulting in substantial economic benefits for both beef and milk production. For example, even when silaging practices are good and the apparent quality of uninoculated silage is excellent, use of inoculant has been shown to increase profitability by up to $7 for each $1 spent on inoculant.

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